Central & South East European Regional Session
13th – 18th April 2018
Ljutomer, Slovenia


Participating countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia

 »Every morning your feet hit the floor, tell yourself: today could be the day, today could be the day I turn my world upside down...for the better. Today could be the day everything changes. Today is the day I take all things in my life to another level. It only takes one moment, one decision, one action, and your whole entire life could change forever…Today is the day you will no longer settle for average.Today is the day!«  (Torian Salary)
At Gimnazija Ljutomer we wrote  Slovenian MEP history in the year 1999 when we for the first time participated the international MEP conference in Bonn, Germany. In 2000 we organized the first regional MEP for four countries. In the Annual MEP Report  in 2001 it was written, that Gimnazija Franc Miklošič Ljutomer was the first applicant country to really embrace the MEP programme. Everything has  changed since then. Great moments were born from great opportunities. We did not ask: »Why us?« But we said:«Try us!«
In 2002, 2006 and 2012 our school organized three successful international MEP sessions.
13 th April 2018. Today we are ahead of the next one. Today is the day! We do not limit our challenges. We challenge our limits, that is why:
T  Together
E  Everyone
A  Achieves
M  More.
Always believe in yourself and believe in your team! Believe in Europe! Today is the day of the youth of Europe!

Welcome in Slovenia! Welcome in Ljutomer!   

Yours Sincerely
Mojca Rižnar Nedeljko, MEP Slovenia
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Mojca Rižnar Nedeljko
prof. slovenščine in angleščine
K-103 Govorilna ura: TOREK 8.50 - 9.35
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